Founded in the USA in 1994


A Science and Development company headquartered in Coppell, Texas, USA Mannatech develops and markets high-quality, science-based dietary supplements using a direct sales marketing module.

Their seamless international business plan is currently operating in the more than 22 countries world-wide, including: the United States of America, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Japan, New Zealand, Republic of Korea, Taiwan, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Singapore, Sweden, Norway, Austria, the Netherlands, Mexico, Estonia, Finland, Republic of Ireland and the Czech Republic.

Is Mannatech a scam?

A common question due to Mannatech being one of the most disruptive products in a very competitive wellness industry.

The easiest way to determine for yourself is to ask these simple questions:

  • Would a company last 21 years if they were a scam?
  • Would a company last 21 years with a 3-month money-back guarantee if their products were simply “a sugar pill”?
  • Would a company be able to trade on NASDAQ for 15 years?
  • Would a company be able to get more than 100 patents on their products if they didn’t work?

Why Mannatech?

  • The M5M Foundation allows you to make a difference in the world through simply looking after your own family’s nutritional needs.
  • Our investment of over $50 million in research and product development has paid dividends in bringing Real Food Technology SolutionsSM to the wellness world.
  • Our Science Team is unmatched and has filed more than 100 patents worldwide for the technology behind our flagship Ambrotose® products, guaranteeing you some of the most unique products available in the marketplace.
  • Absolutely the industry leaders in Glyco-nutritional and Phyto-nutritional supplements. No other company even comes close to the same standard and whats more, with patents on this technology, this technology is untouchable.
  • Mannatech is publicly traded on NASDAQ under the name MTEX.
  • Mannatech was founded in 1994.
  • Mannatech is so confident that you will love and benefit from their products that they all have a 3 month FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

Mannatech's Mission

To help fight global malnutrition by nourishing the world with our real-food supplements. We begin to accomplish this by helping children in need receive proper nutrition through our products. From 2009 through 2017, Mannatech’s programs have generated over 122 million servings of nutritional support for malnourished children.

The Truth
According to the World Health Organization and UNICEF, roughly 100 million children in developing countries are underweight and over 150 million are malnourished.

Undernutrition can hinder brain development, reduce intellectual capacity and stunt growth. Malnutrition impacts the lives of 55 million children at any given moment.

Feeding vs. Nourishing
Current food programs designed to help children are mainly cereal-based and lack many of the nutrients they need. In fact, fortified, blended flours no longer meet the minimum nutritional criteria for young children set by experts at the World Health Organization. In other words, just filling a child’s stomach not only fails to correct the issue, but it serves as a temporary fix to a much bigger problem.

How M5M works
With EVERY product purchase, a donation is made to the M5M℠ Foundation which is used to buy and supply nutrient-rich PhytoBlend to children in need.


Mannatech's Ethics Statement

Mannatech has built its business on a foundation of reliability and integrity. Mannatech has been committed to this standard of excellence since its inception in 1994, and we’re dedicated to continuous improvement in order to meet that objective.

Because these qualities are integral to Mannatech’s core values, we conduct business according to the highest ethical standards. Executives, officers, employees and independent contractors alike are required to act in accordance with the standards and policies described. In addition to being bound by the Business Code of Conduct’s provisions, Mannatech has adopted a Code of Ethics specifically for its principal executive officers and senior financial officers or persons performing similar functions.

Should ethical situations arise during the course of business, Mannatech encourages all stakeholders to make decisions consistent with our Business Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics. In addition, should anyone need guidance regarding business conduct, they may contact Mannatech’s General Counsel or file a confidential, and if desired, an anonymous report, through EthicsPoint®, via the Internet at or one of the Ethicspoint Toll-free hotlines in each of our country of operations. Mannatech has selected Ethicspoint, an independent third-party company, to receive reports about activities that may constitute violations of Mannatech’s Business Code of Conduct, Code of Ethics, and Associate Policies & Procedures or which may constitute illegal or unethical behaviour.

Employees and representatives of Mannatech have an obligation to report any policy violations. Mannatech’s reporting policy and the law specifically forbid retaliation against any person who files a complaint, ensuring that concerns will be addressed without placing employment positions in jeopardy.



With EVERY product purchase, a donation is made to the M5M℠ Foundation which is used to buy and supply nutrient-rich PhytoBlend to children in need.

The Mannatech Story


Saying nothing has changed since we were founded in 1994 would be a lie. While we do still create some of the best real-food supplements on the market, the science we pioneered has grown and the number of people who have experienced a transformation through our products has soared. The testimony alone of those who have earned the freedom of an additional income source with our life-changing opportunity continues to reinforce the power of our products. When you make something this good, people take notice.

Over the past 20 years, we’ve expanded our reach to over 25 countries globally. We’ve earned over 100 global patents for our technology. We’ve added products to meet new demands. We’ve faced scrutiny from naysayers, and have overcome. In short, we’ve thrived.

Yet, some things haven’t changed. We still boast an uncompromising promise to quality. We still offer one of the best compensation plans in the industry. And, most importantly, we still desire to do the right thing. That passion can be seen in our partnership with the Mission 5 Million (M5M) Foundation, whose goal is to see 5 million children in need given proper nutrition with our real-food products. For each purchase made, Mannatech makes a donation to the M5M Foundation to help provide vital nutrients to malnourished children across the world.

We like to think of ourselves as a 22-year-old startup company: fresh, innovative and energetic, but with the wisdom that comes from the experiences of an established and successful business. Come join our startup and become part of the transformation. We can’t wait to write you into our story.